Irma R. McNiel

Irma R. McNiel

I started a hobby weblog a gazillion weblog years ago (2001). I surprised my non-technical self when I found out I enjoyed the technical aspects of blogging much more than the writing part. After several years and many desperate questions from other non-technical types, I began teaching others how to start a blog. In simple English.

Who runs this place anyhow?
Hi, I’m Irma. Every single post on this site has been written by me.

Our out-of-the-box life
The truth is (cheesy as it sounds), the internet has changed our lives. We used to be a 9 to 5, in-debt, solitary income family, and neither of us loved our days.

Now, we both work, doing what we like, with flexible schedules. We make significantly more income, our children go to school two days a week rather than five, and maybe we’ll move internationally someday. Our life’s motto? Live nimbly. Here’s what that means.

Who this site is for
This site is for the types who wish to call their own photos. The types who would like to live differently. The busy types. Your with expensive flavor without the funds to complement. Your who would like a family-friendly method of streamlining life. Your who would like to live on their own conditions, but aren’t sure the destination to start.

Starting a blogging site for the very first time can be an amazing, yet intimidating experience.

Thinking that individuals are actually likely to read – and even talk about – something you wrote. It’s unlike any various other feelings I can describe.

But it’s not absolutely all rainbows and butterflies. Beginning a weblog is hard work, and there are a great number of pitfalls along the way. Particularly if it’s your first time.

So many pitfalls, actually, that we’ve thought of a full number of 45 stuff we wish we knew prior to starting our first blogs. That method, you don’t need to make these mistakes yourself!

But who are “we” specifically, best? Well, this post is an organization hard work. It features three bloggers chipping in and posting their finest advice on what to begin a blog, and not just that, but how to begin a blogging site and generate income from it as well. 🤑

So grab an espresso and get cozy, we’re going to review everything we’ve learned in past times 7+ years. Enjoy!